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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
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Kaplan Financial (HK) Prize Winners in the ACCA Examinations 
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The Assocaition of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), founded in 1904 is one of the world's leading professional accountancy organiszations. ACCA members work in public practice, industry, commerce and the public sector. You can study for your ACCA qualification as a suitably qualified school or university graduate or as a mature student.

The ACCA qualification consists of two levels; Fundamental and Professional. Each level is sub-divided into two modules; Knowledge and Skills in the Fundamental Level and Essentials and Options in the Professional Level.

In order to qualify as an ACCA member, you will need to complete:
14 exams (nine of which are eligible for exemptions)
Releveant practical experience, with a minimum of three years
A Professional Ethics module

The Examinations
The examinations consist of four modules; Knowledge, Skills, Essentials and Options. Students are expected to study each module in order.

Students must sit all fourteen papers starting with Paper F1, subject to the ACCA's examination rules and any exemptions. Examinations are in June and December of each year.
Knowledge F1  Accountant in Business
  F2  Management Accounting
  F3  Financial Accounting
Skills F4  Corporate and Business Law
  F5  Performance Management
  F6  Taxation
  F7  Financial Reporting
  F8  Audit and Assurance
  F9 Financial Management
Essentials P1  Governance, Risk & Ethics
  P2  Corporate Reporting
  P3  Business Analysis
Options (any 2 of 4) P4  Advanced Financial Management
  P5  Advanced Performance Management
  P6  Advanced Taxation
  P7  Advanced Audit and Assurance

Entry Requirements
You can study for your ACCA qualification as a suitably qualified school leaver, graduate or FIA Diploma in Accounting and Business. If you have a degree or accountancy qualification you may exempt from certain ACCA exams.
 ACCA Contacts
ACCA Hong Kong
Room 1901, 19th Floor
World Wide House
19 Des Voeux Road
Hong Kong 
Tel (852) 2524 4988

(852) 2868 4909

Email hongkong@accaglobal.com
Website http://hongkong.accaglobal.com
ACCA United Kingdom
2 Central Quay
89 Hydepark Street
United Kingdom
G3 8BW
Tel +44 (0)141 582 2000
Fax 44 (0)141 582 2222
Email students@accaglobal.com
Website http://www.accaglobal.com
 Kaplan Financial (HK) Prize Winners in the ACCA Examinations

June 2016 Exam

Gold - Liang Yan

Silver - Wong Hing Lam, Frank

Bronze - Ng Siu King

Top 10 Affiliate - Tam Chi Nan, Gary

P2 - Au Yeung Chi Wang

P3 - Edmond Lo

P7 - Lo Yue Kwan, Brian

June 2015 Exam                            
Paper P6 - Wong Kit Ying

December 2014 Exam
Gold - Tee Pao Hwei
Silver - Chan Yat Ling
Bronze - Wong Pong Ping

June 2014 Exam
Paper P1 - Wong Pong Ping
Paper P7 - Tong Shuk Ling Tammy
 December 2010 Exam
Paper P2 - Lau Yi Ming
Paper P7 - Lau Chong Yiu

 June 2010 Exam
Bronze - Fenton Chan Kai Lun
Paper F8 - Lau Yi Ming
Paper P6 - Lau Chong Yiu
Paper P7 - Choi Karen Leslie Ang
December 2013 Exam
Gold & P6 - Wong Kai Nam
Paper P2 - Ms Chan Yat Ling

 June 2012 Exam
Gold - Lau Pui Kam Emily
Silver & Paper P6 - Wong Yuk Yi
Paper P3- Wong Kai Nam

 December 2011 Exam
Gold & P7 - Winson Wong Ching Ching
Paper P2 - Wong Kai Nam

 June 2011 Exam
F9 - Wong Kai Nam
Paper P1 - Leung Woon Yin
Paper P1 & P3 - Lau Pui Kam
Paper P6 - Lau Yi Ming

 December 2009 Exam
Gold - Corina Ho Ka Yan
Silver - Cheng King Ling
Bronze - Michael Tse Wan Yui

 June 2009 Exam
Gold - Woo, David Kar Wai
Bronze - Ching, Stephena
P4 - Gary Fong Yiu Cheung
P5 - Corina Ho Ka Yan


 Prize Winners Insight

"Having a full time job and preparing 3 modules examination at the same time are never easy. The course and notes play a vital role to help me to understand the basicas in the shortest possible time. I therefore can go into revision phase for an early exam questions practice."

Mr. Lau Yi Ming (Hong Kong Gold Medalist, Jun 11)



"Kaplan's Materials are exam-oriented, it pitches out the main areas and provided much guidance for us when facing examinations. It also saves a lot of time and effort on our side which increases our study efficiency."

Mr. Lau Chong Yiu (P7 Paper Winner, Dec 10; P6 Paper Winner, Jun 10)

"Understanding all concepts stated in the syllabus is very important when you are preparing for your ACCA exams, because questions change all the time but the concepts never do. I wouldl ike to thank the lecturers in Kaplan Financial for the guidance they had provided me during my course of studies. They had clarified my confusion and highlighted key areas which were very useful when preparing my studies. I would like to thank P1, P2 and P3 lecturer for improving my learning effectiveness so that I can achieve good grades."

Miss Lam Mei Ling (Top 20 Affiliates, Dec 07)
"Due to the rapid changes in the economic world, numerous standards and frequent updating are required to reflect a company's financial performance and assist the users of financial statement to have a better understanding of it. These have made Corporate Reporting one of the hardest ACCA paper. In order to achieve better marks, you should always ask yourself a question "Does the treatment of the particular standard make sense?" By answering the question, you will understand the aim of the standard at the same time, hence easier to memorize. Kaplan;s lectures are a good starter for preparation of exams, espectially with the limited time after work. The well organized study material has provided me with a quick understanding at a glance. There is no doubt about why Kaplan's lecturers have been highly rated."
Mr. Wong Yu Chung Edmond (P2 Paper Winner, Dec 07)
Student Support and Facilities

Audio Recording

You can catch up with our audio recording (as is, as available) at our Media Lab if you need. Reservation is required and on a first-come-first-served basis.

       Tutor Support

Student can send e-mail to lecturers. Our lecturers will use their professional knowledge to solve the module related queries for you.

Study Room

Study room will be opened around 2 weeks before the exams for current Kaplan students. Details of the arrangement will be announced via email.



Our library with over 2,000 reference books is available for Kaplan students. Membership can be applied at our customer service counter.
* Please contact our customer service officers at 2526 3686 to know more about our services.
Kaplan Financial is one of the most established training providers of financial professional qualifications.

Star Lecturing Team
 Our specialists share their valuable insights to help you analyse past paper trends, master examination techniques and tackle examinations. 

- More than 50 years of professional accounting experience worldwide and offering professional accounting training provider in Hong Kong


We offer ACCA Examination Preparatory Programmes: 

Part 1: 
Fundamental Level

F7 Financial Reporting
F8 Audit & Assurance
F9 Financial Management

Part 2:
Professional Level (Essential)

P1 Governance, Risks and Ethics
P2 Corporate Reporting
P3 Business Analysis

Part 3:  
Professional Level (Optional) 

P4 Advanced Financial Management
P5 Advanced Performance Management
P6 Advanced Taxation
P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

 ACCA Education Course
The goal of the Education course is to help you to attain knowledge required for the ACCA exam and develop good understanding of key topics and concepts. It covers the major areas within the ACCA syllabus, focusing on building knowledge the are needed for the exam.
 ACCA Revision Course
Our Revision course reinforces all the knowledge you have learnt and to provide training on your exam techniques. You will learn how to apply your knowledge with a focus on the key areas lilely to be covered in the exam. With extensive question practice with ACCA revision materials and mock paper to develop your exam techqnieus and build your confidence.
 ACCA Premium Course
The Premium course consists of both knowledge and exam techniques training. You will gain the knowledge of key topics and concepts. You will also enhance your exam skills by extensive question practice and mock paper. Hot topics will be discussed during the lessons.

Course Registration NO.: 350465 

It is a It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

P1 & P7 Lecturer

Polly Lo
MFA, BBA (Hons), CPA

Course Outline

·         Exam focused study note to enhance on students’ concept knowledge.

·         For each fundamental concept, Polly would prepare her own summary of key points to facilitate student’s understanding.

·         Polly selected past paper questions as the best for understanding and learning P1 & P7.

·         Practice on past paper with marks allocation to show you what the examiner is looking for.

·         The solutions are Polly’s own recommended answer plan design.

One mock paper to polish exam technique.

Practical and Teaching Experience 

·         5 years of auditing working experience in one of the Big 4 firms in Hong Kong.

·         Experienced in providing external audit assurance service to Hong Kong listed companies in retail, manufacturing and telecommunication business sectors.

·         Practical experience in teaching undergraduate accounting subjects in Hong Kong and Sydney.

·         In-depth understanding of the skills and techniques for professional accounting examinations.

 P3 Lecturer

Patrick Lui

Course Outline

Using selected past examination questions to highlight the common mistakes or misunderstanding made by the students.

·         Revised past examination answers with marks allocation to show you how to spot the easy marks and the understanding of what the examiner is looking for.

·         Using real life examples to explain the difficult business analysis theories and concepts.

·         Using trend analysis to focus on the important examinable areas to lead you through the course.

·         Progress tests and mock examination are built into the course to test understanding and reinforce the learning and approach to answering questions.

Practical and Teaching Experience 

·         Over 15 years of experience in teaching accounting and business courses in tertiary institutions and provide exam-based training for college students.

·         Understand the weaknesses of students and able to guide students to build up a good foundation for examinations.

·         Strong illustration in complicated business and financial concepts and delivers the concepts in a simple way.

P4 Lecturer 

Kin Chan

Course Outline

·         Designing exam-oriented course notes.

·         Using trend analysis to focus on the important examinable areas.

·         Selecting past examination questions to highlight the common mistakes made by the students.

·         Having revision on past examination papers with score allocation to help gain a high score easier.

·         Reviewing the mock examination paper to polish examination techniques.

One mock paper to polish exam technique.

Practical and Teaching Experience 

·         Star lecturer and Expert in Financial Management.

·         Experienced teacher in various accounting and finance courses in tertiary institutions.

·         Solid practical knowledge and professional work experience in Financial Market.

·         Real life applications of complicated accounting and financial management concepts.

·         Sensitive to students’ strengths and weaknesses in examinations.

·         Confident of guiding students to build a strong foundation in corporate finance concepts.

·         Useful and practical tips and strategies for getting a high score in examinations.

P5 Lecturer

Michael Wong

Course Outline

·         This course includes Michael’s recommended study notes to enhance students understanding on the examination topics.

·         Analysis on past exam questions to point out what students should cover on their answer.

Practical and Teaching Experience 

·         Over 11 years of exam-based training experience.

·         Current lecturer at one of the universities extension’s arm.

·         Experienced for the accounting qualifications in Hong Kong.

·         Has been actively participated in many scholarly activities, acting as an editorial committee for an accounting association.

Premium Course

Get the up-to-date exam syllabus

Build up solid understanding of hot topics and new areas

Extensive practice of past exam questions to enhance your answer structure

Provide a mock paper to polish exam techniques

 Teaching Hours    
 Paper P1  30 hours
 Paper P3  30 hours
 Paper P4  30 hours
 Paper P5  30 hours
 Paper P7  30 hours
*Three-hour per session


Exam Kit:
Include bank of past exam questions with full answers and examiner’s guidance. 

Premium Course Note:
Prepared by Kaplan Financial star lecturing team to design tailor-made for our HK students. It summarized the key learning areas and practical application for your quick reference.
Mock Paper & Answer:
Prepared by our Kaplan Financial subject experts; tailor-made only for the new ACCA syllabus and presented in the real exam format. Students are strongly recommended to attempt under exam conditions. The suggested answers will be discussed in the mock review session at the end of the course. Mock Review Sessions in the Revision programmes review the Mock Exam in detail and highlight the examination preparation techniques which are essential for students to succeed in the real examination.


  General Enquiry ACCA
TEL: 2526 3686    FAX: 2501 0589
EMAIL: hkacca@kaplan.com


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