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You can earn a HK$1,000 cheque providing that your friend* enrolls the CFA® June 2017 Classroom Full Package or Blended Full Package. You can even refer up to 10 friends and receive up to a HK$10,000 cheque. 
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Expert Trainers
Have lengthy experience in leading CFA® Program exam prep.  They bring theories to life and make complex topics easy to understand. Kaplan trainers master the entire level CFA® 2016 Program curriculum, tie all topics together.

19 years experience in Hong Kong. Market leader with highest number of enrollees. We offer all 3 levels of courses - so don’t leave you hanging after each level. Kaplan follows CFA Institute Prep Provider Guideline. Our prices are transparent.

Program Design
Reading the materials alone hardly let you put your brain to use. Our study packages help you learn the content, not just memorize it.  Instructional strategies and CFA® study materials vary between phases to ensure that you can convert your knowledge into question answering ability. Special workshops are available.

A wide range of flexible study options – including English, Cantonese, weekday, weekend, in person, online study available. Selected courses are eligible for CEF reimbursement.

Continuous Support
Our customers are often very busy, and we want to help. We provide catch up video and swap class service so that you can better manage your time.

We believe that the learning process is sequential.  Learning focus and strategies should move through specific phases as you learn.  Our three-phase, expert-developed system is used by CFA® candidates across the globe each year. We build up the momentum that will take you through each stage briskly and confidently.

 Three-Phase Study

Education Program (eLearning also available)
This phase is designed to help candidates build a strong knowledge base, understand the key knowledge needed for the exam, get the up-to-date curriculum and attain knowledge on the new areas. This phase lay the foundation of a comprehensive study.
Revision Course
This phase is designed to put your knowledge into practice.  Get hands-on experience with intensive “drill and practice” exercises, reinforce question answering ability and develop strategy and techniques. Useful recap of important and demanding concepts will be provided. This phase is a “booster shot” for your skills, propelling you to peak performance.
Mock Exam and Review
The last phase is designed to gauge your performance with exam-standard questions, under timed condition.  Mock Review Session reviews the questions in detail and highlights the examination preparation techniques which are essential to succeed on the real examination.

Comprehensive training for exam success!

 What you should know about Full Package

Enroll full package to maximize effectiveness and take advantage of lower packaged price
Enroll on or before Feb 10, 2017 to enjoy early bird price and free online pre-course
Option to add PassInsurance
 What you get
Duration Education Program
Level I 62 hours (18 sessions x 3 hours) + 8 hours video support
Level II 54 hours (18 sessions x 3 hours)
Level III 54 hours (18 sessions x 3 hours)

Teaching Language
Cantonese Level I, II & III
English Level I, II & III
Start Date
Education Program
Level I  
Class A1: Nov 27, 2016
Class A2: Jan 15, 2017
Class B: Feb 16, 2017
Class C: Feb 18, 2017
Level II  
Class A1: Dec 1, 2016
Class A2: Feb 7, 2017
Class B: Feb 12, 2017
Class C: Feb 25, 2017
Level III  
Class A: Dec 10, 2016
Class B: Jan 22, 2017
Class C: Feb 11, 2017

 Key features

Full slide packs covering all prescribed learning outcome statements (LOS)
Worked examples of all challenging calculations
8 hours of online instruction on Economics (Level I only)
6 online progress tests for Level I; 4 online progress test for Level II and III
Classroom material fully cross-referenced to CFA® Program curriculum and SchweserNotes™ , including LOS references
Education Program now comes Online Catch Up Videos. Review the entire lecture at the convenience of your home!
  Education Program now comes with Schweser Classic Package.

 What else should you know?
Enroll on or before Feb 10, 2017 to enjoy early bird price and a free online pre-course
Enroll in the full package (Phase 1, 2 and 3 combined) to maximize effectiveness and take advantage of lower packaged price
Swap class or book video to catch up on missed lectures
This course has been included in the list of CEF reimbursable programmes  
 What you get
Duration 27 hours
Teaching Language
Cantonese  Level I, II & III
English  Level I, II & III
Start Date
Level I  
Class A Apr 9, 2017
Class B Apr 25, 2017
Class C Apr 22, 2017
Level II  
Class A Apr 20, 2017
Class B Apr 23, 2017
Class C Apr 22, 2017
Level III  
Class A Mar 9, 2017
Class B Apr 9, 2017
Class C Apr 22, 2017

 Key features
Focus on applying knowledge to exam-standard questions
Development of your exam strategy and technique
Overview of each study session and detailed revision of the more demanding topics
Question debriefs
Mind Map subject overview slides
Revision Q&A books with 800+ questions

 What else should you know?
Enroll on or before Apr 10, 2017 to enjoy early bird price
Majority of candidates choose full package (Phase 1, 2 and 3 combined) to maximize effectiveness and take advantage of lower packaged price
Swap class to catch up on missed lectures
Automatically receive special discount off the retail price of the following Kaplan Schweser product:
Schweser Online Mock Student price: HK$600   (Save HK$200)
This course, combined with Phase 3, has been included in the list of CEF reimbursable programmes  
 What else should you know?
6 hours (mock exam)
3 hours (mock exam review)
Teaching Language
Cantonese  Level I, II & III
English  Level I, II & III
Start Date May 21, 2017 (Level I & II)
May 14, 2017 (Level III)

 Key features
Practice taking the exam under proctored, timed conditions
Become comfortable with exam timings and techniques
Receive a detailed score analysis and trainer debrief
Highlight weak areas to fine tune your strategy

 What else should you know?
Majority of candidates choose to attend full package (Phase 1, 2 and 3 combined) to maximize effectiveness and enjoy lower packaged price
This course, combined with Phase 2, has been included in the list of CEF reimbursable programmes  

Alternative choice for CFA June 2017 candidates
Now that you have prepared and practiced for the CFA® exam, you are ready to perform and put your skills and knowledge to the test. 

Register the Live Schweser Mock Exam now:
Level I    Level II    Level III

Live Schweser Mock Exam Details
Date: May 14, 2017 (Sun)
Time: 9am to 12pm & 2pm to 5pm
Venue: Kaplan E-Tech Centre Campus 

Special workshops are designed to focus on particular topics to maximize study effectiveness

Level III IPS Essay Workshop
Build up your confidence by covering a set of typical IPS questions and demonstrating the methodology.
You will learn how to:

Read questions carefully
Organize your work and plan before you write
Write concise answers and give the graders an easy method to grade
Use of phrases and follow-up sentences
Use of answer templates

Private or Group Tutoring
Tailor-made group or one-on-one lessons
Convenient and hassle-free tuition in your office or at our campus
Intensive training - perfect for individuals in a hurry to pass
Tutored by exam prep experts
Personal attention paid to areas of doubt or weakness
Rapid familiarization with the real exam through:
  •   Personalized guidance
•   Experienced teaching
•   Organized course materials
•   Practice questions
•   Realistic mock exams
Review of your performance in our mock exam

 What you get
62 hours Level I
54 hours Level II
54 hours Level III
Teaching Language
Cantonese  Level I, II & III
English  Level I, II & III

 Key features
Captured from earlier live Education Program. All annotations and visuals projected in the lecture are captured
Focus on understanding and key knowledge needed for the exam
Free delivery of course materials to Hong Kong office address
Full slide packs covering all prescribed learning outcome statements (LOS)
Worked examples of all challenging calculations
6 online progress tests for Level I; 4 online progress tests for Level II & III
Classroom material fully cross-referenced to CFA® Program curriculum and SchweserNotes™, including LOS references
Interact with other learners on the discussion forum

 What else should you know?
Enroll on or before Mar 31, 2017 to enjoy early bird price
Video sessions will be time-released. Please refer to brochure for release dates
Majority of candidates choose to attend classroom-based Revision Course and Mock Exam to maximize effectiveness and enjoy lower full package price
Automatically receive special discount off retail price on two Kaplan Schweser products:
Schweser Online Mock Student price: HK$600   (Save HK$200)
Please check system requirements
Watch Demo video to test your computer!
Refer to back of enrollment form for subscription procedures

Dr Kyle Wong

PhD (Cornell), CFA, FRM

 Sample Clip

• Over 10 years experience in teaching Level I, II and III of CFA® Program prep course 
• Design, develop and deliver financial training programs to top financial institutions and MNCs
• Expertise in investment tools, risk management, financial analysis, hedge fund, structured products, portfolio management and wealth management
• Subject expert of essay questions of Level III CFA® exam
• Trainer of the first Level III CFA® Program IPS workshop in Hong Kong
• Currently Director of Kaplan’s Financial Markets Division
• COO of Avant Capital Management, a greater China value focused hedge fund
• Columnist for i-Money Magazine
• Joined from DBS, where he was VP of Complex Hybrid Products. Prior to that, he held numerous executive positions at Merrill Lynch, HSBC, RBC, Citi in Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong

Mr. Larry Yuen

MSc Risk Management Science (CUHK), MSc (ECom&IComp) (HKU), MFE (Lond), CFA, CAIA, FCA

• All-round trainer with extensive experience in finance, risk management and accounting
• Over 20 years of experience in the financial industry spanning across wealth management and capital markets
• Held senior positions at Citi, Deutsche Bank, ABN Amro, Schroder, NatWest and ING
• Expertise in portfolio management and fund management
• Experienced trainer in delivering master-level finance courses
• Numerous real-life examples to illustrate and solidify concepts


Mr. Jonathan Lau

BA Econ (Cambridge), CFA

• Investment specialist with over 12 years’ experience in multi-asset investments and collectives
• Was Head of Research for 7 years at an asset management group in London (over US$13bn in assets)
• Co-chaired the Asset Allocation Committee that oversaw the investment process, fund selection and research systems, alongside monitoring portfolios
• Prior to that, held positions in Deutsche Bank’s corporate finance team and a financial services company, where he managed pension funds
• Passionate trainer and can inspire and facilitate learning effectiveness
• Fluent in English

Mr. Ivan Chong

LLM in Fin Law (Wolverhampton), Pgd Accountancy (CUHK), BBA Fin Engineering (CUHK), CFA, CAIA, FRM

• Senior investment director of an Asia private equity fund
• Over 10 years of extensive experiences in Merger and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Alternative Investment, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Equity Investment, financial modelling, legal and compliance.
• Previously served as Distressed Asset Acquisition Manager & Strategic Planner of a Japanese Bank
• Season trainer in various universities and professional institutions for investment, legal, banking and master-level course
• Able to illustrate complicated theories in simple ways with practical examples


Mr. Ryan Lai

BSc Com (Carleton), CFA, FRM

• Former Director at Morgan Stanley
• Over 5 years of experience in AML/KYC
• Equity investment experience in China stock market through Shanghai Connect
• Full-time MBA candidate at HKUST
• Spent only 24 months to clear all levels of CFA® exam and FRM exam in one-go
• Specialized in cracking standardized tests by highlighting the main focus of each topic
• Known for his sharp insights into CFA® exam techniques


Mr. Derek Bednarski

BSM (Tulane), CFA

• Director of Operations at Oasis Investment Management, a hedge fund
• Prior to Oasis, he was a Vice President at Northern Trust on the Hedge Fund Services team
• Expertise in financial analysis, equities, derivatives, portfolio management, equity research and valuation
• Passed all levels of CFA® exam (2007-2009) on first attempts
• Bachelor of Science in Management degree from Tulane University (2006), where he majored in Finance and received a full tuition academic scholarship
• Excellent presentation skills and very exam-focused
• Useful tips on how to study and score the points


Mr. Cyrus Tsui

MScMF (Oxford), BEng (HKUST), CFA, FRM

• Previous roles in various top investment and global banks in Hong Kong and London, including Morgan Stanley, HSBC and RBS
• Over 10 years of experience in valuations and pricing of derivatives, finance and product control, P&L analysis and regulatory reporting
• Master of Science in Mathematical Finance (with distinction) from the University of Oxford
• Passed all levels of CFA® exam and FRM exam in one-go
• Able to share his recommendation on how to use the course slides and practice questions strategically to highlight important areas and build exam technique


Our research shows that one of the common reasons for failing the exam is poorly managed study time. Fitting your studies around both your work and social life is difficult, but we provide flexibility. You will not miss a lecture!

Swap Class Service
Swap to another class to catch up
Maximum of 5 classes in classroom-based Education Program
Maximum of 2 classes in classroom-based Revision Course
First come first served, subject to available

Online/Onsite Catch Up Video Service
Watch recording of your classroom education program lecture anywhere with internet access or on-site on campus.
Service is only available to enrollees of classroom based Education Program

Library Facility
Collection of  CFA® Program curriculum, finance and business books

Coffee Bar


* Please contact our customer service officers at 2526 3686 to know more about our services.

Mr. Pete Yiu discussed how the Kaplan teaching methodology works:

“I find Kaplan’s CFA® Program Prep Course concise and easy-to-follow, highlighting weaknesses and pitfalls on concepts candidates find difficult to comprehend. Numerous samples were brought to the lecture room. They are essential challenges for busy professionals at work. The education program is resourceful. At the end of each section there is an individual test to help summarize what one learns. When one experiences obstacles, their personable trainer is always ready to help, to stay after class to answer each candidate’s questions. Their mock examination during final weeks prior to the official exam helped cleared many candidates’ path towards obtaining the CFA® charter. Kaplan courses are there to come in and help you tremendously towards your preparation success.”


Mr. S.L. Ho discussed the value of Kaplan Financial courses and why Kaplan is better than other course providers:

“Of the few CFA® study programs I attended in Hong Kong, I’ve found the courses run by Kaplan to be the most focused and useful. The trainer understands the requirements of the exam and the needs of candidates. The clear and succinct style of teaching further contributed to my preparation for the exam. Kaplan gives me the best value for money.”


Mr. Dennis Tin discussed how Kaplan contributed to his passing of all three levels:

“I started my journey with Kaplan training program and successfully passed all three level exams consecutively – all in first attempts. The trainers were the secret sauce and formula to my exam success. Without Kaplan, I doubted I would achieve the same learning, passing and success in such shortest possible time. Kaplan is your best choice and investment.”


Ms. Queenie Lee discussed Kaplan’s knowledgeable and dedicated trainer:

“The trainer was very knowledgeable on a large range of investment products including equities, fixed income, trust units, pooled funds, derivatives and structured products. He could apply his professional knowledge and taught us during the CFA® Program Prep Course. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized and reliable. He provided a lot of practical examples with lively and very detailed explanations in his lessons and hence we could learn it quickly. His ability to connect with his students and his talent in teaching different topics are both superior.”


Mr. Jack Lo discussed Kaplan’s exam-focused approach:

“The exam-focused approach provides me a clear picture of how the exam looks like, how to tackle each kind of exam question skillfully and strategically. Kaplan is the key which effectively transforms your effort into a success.”


Ms. Rebecca Lau discussed the value of Kaplan courses to individuals without finance background:

“As a graduate from a non-financial discipline, taking the CFA® exam is really a tough mission for me. Thanks to your teaching, I was able to grasp the key points of each topic and the strategy of passing the exam.”

Schweser Study Program

Ideal for self-directed individuals, Schweser Study Program provides focus and structure to your study plan.

Our innovative study tools and materials are designed to work in combination with each other to:

Make your prep-time more productive
Study where and when you want
Help you understand difficult material
Provide you with the direction and motivation to succeed

 Save with our study packages 



(Save $7,300)

Instruction P
(Save $4,200)


(Save $2,100)


(Save $1,900)



Live Online 3-Day Exam Review*
include Review Workshop Workbooks    






Live Online Weekly Class with On-Demand Video Lectures* include Weekly Class Workbooks, Volumes 1&2                     






Schweser's Secret Sauce*


n/a n/a n/a


SchweserPro™ QBank
(Online version)   


SchweserNotes™ Volumes 1-5 *






Practice Exams, Volume 1* (3 Full Exams)






Practice Exams, Volume 2* (3 Full Exams)






Schweser's QuickSheet *






Study Calendar 
101 Must Knows
(Level I only)
Exam Mentor
(Level III only)
Instructor-Led Office Hours        
Ask Your Instructor      
Candidate Resource Library      
Schweser Commitment          

* eBook versions through VitalSource® are available for the SchweserNotes™, Secret Sauce®, and QuickSheet with applicable study package. For more information regarding VitalSource®, please visit our FAQ page.
Online exams are available for the Practice Exams Vol 1& 2. PDFs are available for the Weekly Class Workbooks and Review Workshop Workbooks. Within each package, please do not mix the print and PDF/online options.

2017 NEW - The Schweser Commitment

We're so confident that your dedication and our study materials will help you pass the CFA® exam, that should you need a second chance, we'll pay for your entire 2018 exam prep package.

Qualifying students can receive the same version of study package FREE of charge for the 2018 exam season.
To be eligible for the Schweser Commitment, you must meet the following criteria:
• Available for 2017 purchasers of the Essential, Premium Instruction, or PremiumPlus™ Packages.
• You must answer at least 50% of the available questions from your QBank and Practice Exams.
• You must score at least 80% correct on the questions answered. You have unlimited attempts at each question.
• Your Performance Tracker dashboard will turn from red to green when your Questions Used shows at least 50%, and Your Score shows at least 80% correct.

In order to enjoy the Schweser Commitment, you must attach the following documents:
1. 2017 receipt from a Schweser authorized source as proof of previous purchase for same level
2. 2017 exam fail notice for same level
3. 2018 exam registration notice for same level
4. 2018 Schweser Commitment Application form

If you don't meet the above criteria, you can still receive PassProtection™ which entitles you to 25-50% off your same-level purchases for the following exam season.
• Discounts are based on a qualifying product purchase by a candidate/repeat customer who is retaking the prior year's level exam.
• 2017 PremiumPlus™ and Premium Package purchasers, who will retake the exam for the same level in 2018, are eligible to receive 50% off Premium Plus™ and Premium Packages.
• 2017 Essential Package purchasers, who will retake the exam for the same level in 2018, are eligible to receive 25% off PremiumPlus™ and Premium Packages.

 Individual study components 

SchweserNotes™ Package


Practice Exams Vol. 2                   


SchweserPro™ QBank  
(Online version)


Flashcards (Paper version)


Schweser’s Secret Sauce® Book


Understanding Your Financial Calculator


Online Mock Exam


 Online product or paper product that contains online features. Online access expires on Dec 2016 exam day. A new version of products is released every year as the CFA® Program curriculum changes. Shared use is strictly prohibited. Please check system requirements before ordering. 

 How to order? 

Products will be time-released according to this global schedule (subject to change without notice).
Pre-Orders Pre-Orders are strongly recommended.
  Return order form with credit card information by fax to +852 2501 0589 or  mail. Order form can be download from the "Enrollment Form" section on the right menu .
  Collect: Receive original receipt within one week. Present receipt at our E-Tech Campus. If a third party will collect on your behalf, they must present the original receipt along with your written authorization
  If your ordered item has not been released or is temporary out of stock, we will send you an email once it becomes available for collection.
Walk-in Only available at our E-Tech Campus.
  Popular products may sell out quickly and temporarily out of stock. Please call our Customer Service Hotline at +852 2526 3686for stock availability.

 Schweser PassProtection™ Discounts 


Based on a qualifying product purchase by a repeating customer in the previous year.

For Jun/Dec 2017 diet,

2016 Past Customers

2017 Purchase

Purchased either:
PremiumPlus™ Package OR
Premium Instruction Package

50% off:  
PremiumPlus™ OR
Premium Instruction Package

Based on a qualifying product purchase by a repeating customer in the previous year.

Must attach with order form:
  1. 2016 receipt from a Schweser authorized source as proof of previous year purchase for same level
  2. 2016 exam fail notice for same level
  3. 2017 exam registration notice for the same level
    All above must show the same name

The above information is intended as a general summary. Please refer to the brochure for exact terms and conditions and details.

Non-local course registration no. 360846

Education Bureau Required Disclaimer: It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead. Your course provider shall not make or give any specific gifts, discount, rebates or any other concession or financial inducements of whatsoever form to applicants of the Course, or to employers of the applicants or any other person in return for such employer or person requiring or inducing the applicants applying for the Course.

Kaplan is a CFA Institute Prep Provider Guidelines Program participant (PPGP)

CFA Institute Prep Provider Guidelines Program Required Disclaimer:
CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, review, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by Kaplan Financial and Schweser or verify or endorse the pass rates claimed by Kaplan Financial and Schweser. CFA Institute, CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.

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  General Enquiry
TEL: 2526 3686    FAX: 2501 0589
EMAIL: hkcfa@kaplan.com


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