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CPA Program ® (Australia)

Kaplan-CPA Australia Joint Open Day was held successfully on 24 February 2015  and there were more than 100 students attending the Open Day which represented a remarkable success. 

Thank you very much for supporting our CPA Program training courses and please don't hesitate to enroll our courses now as they will be full very soon.”


For Program Brochure & Timetable, please Click Here.

 Who should attend?
Candidates who:
look forward to develop their exam techniques to ensure they develop the necessary skills to answer exam questions successfully
look to perfect their exam techniques
want an in-depth discussion on hot examinable topics
are time-strapped and need to look for an effective and efficient revision approach

 Why Kaplan Financial?
20 years of exam training excellence – Hong Kong market leader in exam training for various leading accountancy examinations
First Registered Tuition Provider for the CPA Program in Hong Kong to offer a revision course – we aim to help you pass the CPA Program professional level compulsory segments
Examination success – we tailored this to you in Hong Kong further to our successful launch in Singapore in 2011
We listen to your request – the intensive revision was tailored for Asia Pacific further to a significant number of requests we received for exam assistance on CPA Program®
Global Strategy and Leadership case study expert – with such a short timeframe from case announcement by CPA Australia to the Kaplan Financial course and then the CPA Program professional level exam, you need a strong case expert to help you through the segment.

 Course Outline

CPA Program professional level compulsory segments - Intensive Revision Course

Ethics & Governance
Key Topics:
Corporations and their stakeholders                                                                     
Corporations social responsibility
Exam questions' practices

Financial Reporting
Key Topics:
Presentation of financial statement                  
Business combinations and group accounting        
Provisions contingent liabilities and contingent assets                                   
Financial instruments Exam questions' practices

Strategic Management Accounting
Key Topics:
Performance measurement
Techniques for creating and managing value                                                     
Project management   
Exam questions' practices
Global Strategy & Leadership (CASE STUDY)
Key Topics:
Strategies and leadership
Understanding the external environment                                                              
Understanding the internal environment
Product and market development
Making strategic choices
Review of pre-seen case scenarios

Financial Risk Management
Key Topics:
Management of liquidity, debt and equity             
Investment evaluation and capital structure     
ProInterest rate risk management                              
Foreign exchange and commodity risk management

Advanced Audit and Assurance
Key Topics:
PresAudita Principles and auditor responsibilities            
BusiUnderstanding the entity, assessing risk and responding to risks    
Performance engagements                               
Undertaking an audit of financial statements
Audit conclusions and reporting requirements


Course Registration NO.: 312195.
It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead. 

Course Structure  

Intensive Revision Course (2015 Semester 1)

Compulsory Segments

 Ethics & Governance  
Lecturer Wilson Leung
Teaching Hours 15 hours
Language Cantonese, while study materials in English
Course Materials -Revision notes of key learning areas
-Practice questions
-Revision Kit
-CPA Australia approved teaching material
Price HKD $2,475

 Financial Reporting 
Lecturer Karen Wong
Teaching Hours 24 hours
Language Cantonese, while study materials in English
Course Materials -Revision notes of key learning areas
-Practice questions
-Revision Kit
-CPA Australia approved teaching material
Price HKD $3,792

 Strategic Management Accounting 
Lecturer Mark Baines
Teaching Hours 18 hours
Language English with study materials in English
Course Materials -Revision notes of key learning areas
-Practice questions
-Revision Kit
-CPA Australia approved teaching material
Price HKD $3,342

 Global Strategy & Leadership  (Case Study)
Lecturer Rhys Johnson
Teaching Hours 14 hours
Language English with study materials in English
Course Materials -Revision notes of key learning areas
-Practice questions
-Revision Kit
-CPA Australia approved teaching material
Price HKD $3,850

Elective Segments

 Financial Risk Management
Lecturer Thomas Wu
Teaching Hours 18 hours
Language Cantonese, while study materials in English
Course Materials -Revision notes of key learning areas                                   
-Practice questions
Price HKD $2,847

 Advanced Audit and Assurance
Lecturer Wilson Leung
Teaching Hours 12 hours
Language Cantonese, while study materials in English
Course Materials -Revision notes of key learning areas                                   
-Practice questions
Price HKD $1,898

   Practical experience  Teaching experience  Students Testimonials
Wilson Leung

Ethics & Governance

Advanced Audit and Assurance


Over 15 years of working experience in the accounting industry 

 Former Senior Manager of a Big Four firm’s learning department

Over 10 years of experience in providing   training for accounting  professionals

Examination focus – shares insights in   analyzing exam questions and scoring techniques

High pass rate record in E&G

Taught ACCA, QP and Final Exam at Kaplan Financial

“Very useful supporting notes and clear presentation on the exercises and revision kit.”

“Lecturer is very knowledgeable with this subject and able to explain it with simple and classical examples.”

“He is helpful with detailed explanation on key concepts such as different rules and regulations.”


Thomas Wu

Financial Risk Management

Over 12 years of practical experience in several multinational financial institutes and banks at managerial level

Vice President for a multinational investment bank

Experienced in management accounting and risk analysis

Teaching experience in International Business at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Part-time Associate Professor at United International College of Zhuhai, China

Currently also teaches CAIA and Conversion Programme

Lecturer explains difficult concepts with a lot of practical examples.”

“Useful study materials and revision notes with good presentation.”

“With use of technologies, Thomas is able to structure the course in an efficient way.”


Mark Baines

Strategic Management

Management experience with Mazars (Pannell Kerr Forster) in HK, Accenture (Anderson Consulting) and Rolls Royce in the UK

Kaplan Financial lecturer since 2000

Over 14 years lecturing experience of accounting training

Expertise in Business Strategy, Financial Management and Costing subjects

Native English presentation

Currently also teaches, QP Module B, ACCA and Conversion Programme

“Mark’s exam techniques, especially in answering questions skill, are very good and helpful.”

“Lecturer is very familiar with the subject and explains the concept in an easy-to-understand way.”

 “Good structure of the study materials and he delivers a good summary to guide our revision.”


Rhys Johnson

Global Strategy &

Practical working experience in Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Ernst & Young

Vice President in Kaplan Singapore – Teaching and Learning 

Former head of Education for ACCA Asia Pacific region

Over 22 years of teaching experience for professional accounting qualifications

In depth understanding of CPA Australia examination preparation courses 

Well experienced in teaching and trainer development for ACCA and CPA Australia

“The analysis of the pre-seen information is very useful and detailed which provides us unique view point of the cases.”

“Very exam-oriented; Great diagram support on theory explanation.”

“Impressive experience background and knowledge of lecturer.”



Karen Wong

Financial Reporting

Practical working experience in a global accounting network

Advised on multi-national, public and private clients’ financial reporting issues 

Involved in providing clear perspective to clients in complying with auditing standards

Over 8 years of lecturing accounting and auditing training programs

In depth understanding of preparation techniques for professional accounting examinations

Currently also teaches technical accounting and auditing courses

“She is helpful and willing to answer student’s questions; always well-prepared for the lesson.”

“Lecturer explains the complicated reporting issues and standard in a simple way”

“Great presentation skills with lots of practical examples and experiences”

 We believe timely and flexible student support is critical to students’ success.

Audio Recording

If you are unable to attend a session due to class clash, recording service is available upon request. Request must be made at least 3 working days before that session. Please be advice that all voice-recording are provided on as "as is, as available" basis.

Tutor Support

Kaplan Financial students can send e-mail to lecturers. Our lecturers will use their professional knowledge to solve the module related queries for you.


Our library with over 3,000 reference books is opened for Kaplan students at our Admiralty Campus. Membership can be applied at our customer service counter.

Study Room

will be opened around 2 weeks before the exams for current Kaplan students.  Details of the arrangement will be announced via email.

* Please contact our customer service officers at 2526 3686 to know more about our services.


  General Enquiry
TEL: 2526 3686    FAX: 2501 0589
EMAIL: hkcpaa@kaplan.com


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