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Professional Development
Kaplan Financial offers a comprehensive range of short public courses that focus on practitioners at all levels in all areas of the financial industry, as well as a logical progression of development. Our courses address both core knowledge and practice but are also up to date and reflect the latest developments in a fast changing world.


Why Choose Kaplan Financial?

We have delivered a substantial number of courses to thousands of delegates from graduates and new hires to senior executives from multinationals, banks and financial institutions across Asia. Our success is based on the delivery of practical and contemporary courses focused on this region.

All of our in-house financial markets trainers have strong academic backgrounds plus practical work experience in the financial markets. Our faculty combines professional expertise in areas as diverse as Fund Management, Corporate Finance, Alternative Investments, Derivatives, Technical Analysis and Foreign Exchange. This hands-on experience gives them the ability to bring the learning to life and incorporate real-life and relevant scenarios within the classroom environment.
Prof Development
Executive Certificate in Financial Modelling

Financial modelling is one of the core functions of finance that you MUST know and needs a specific set of skill to work with. Excel models are widely used in business valuation, business analysis and risk management. The following courses will help you learn how to build financial models from scratch and perform analysis in advanced level.

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Modelling with Excel
Step-by-step Approach to Build Financial Models and Analyses
                Date: 18 & 19 March 2017 (1.5 days)

Program Outline 
Introduction to Financial Modeling
Excel Best Practices
Overview of Key Financial Statements in a Model
Construction of a Financial Model
Fine-tuning Your Model
Utilizing the Completed Model

Module 2: Public Comparables and Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Integrate Valuation Analysis On Your Financial Model
                Date: 1 & 2 April 2017 (1.5 days)

Program Outline 
Course Introduction
Overview of Comparables Companies Analysis
Overview of Precedent Transaction Analysis
Overview of Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Compilation of Valuation Summary

Have attended Introduction to Financial Modelling with Excel or have equivalent techniques

Module 3: Leveraged Buyout Analysis
Determine an implied valuation range in a potential LBO sale

Program Outline 
Course Introduction
Overview of Leveraged Buyout Analysis
Key Components of a Leverage Buyout Model
Mechanics of Constructing an LBO Model

Have attended Introduction to Financial Modelling with Excel or have equivalent techniques

Module 4: Merger Analysis
Analyze and Structure Mergers and Acquisitions

Program Outline
Course Introduction
Overview of Merger Analysis
Contribution Analysis
Construction of a Merger Model

Have attended Introduction to Financial Modelling with Excel or have equivalent techniques

Kaplan Certification
Kaplan awards an Executive Certificate in Financial Modelling upon successful completion of at least 3 financial modelling courses within a 12-month period.

Presenter    Marcus Chan
Marcus Chan is a seasoned investment banker with over 10 years of investment banking experience in transaction experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs and public takeovers in different regions and jurisdictions. He has advised middle market and large capitalization companies in a variety of sectors including financial services, natural resources, food and beverage, real estate, pulp and paper, natural resources, technology, media and telecommunications. Marcus graduated from University of Michigan, Ross School of Business. Currently Marcus serves as the Vice President for an entertainment and hospitality group. Prior to his current role, he was Vice President in the Mergers and Acquisitions Group with Deutsche Bank.


Professional Development Online Short Courses

Kaplan Financial offers a comprehensive range of online modules that addresses core skills that market practitioners need every day. Each online module addresses both core knowledge and practice but is also current and reflects the latest developments in a fast changing world.


  • Video Instruction in English (5 hours per module)                                                                   
  • Unlimited review during the 3-month subscription period  
  • Trainer's annotation captured
  • Practical exercises and case studies                      
  • Assessment test
  • Download course manual directly from online portal
  • CPT awarded*

Who should attend?

Legal l Accountants l Client Services l Compliance l Human Resources l
IT l Media l Public Relations l Operations l Sales & Marketing l Junior Analysts

Interpretation of Financial Statements
Become familiar with the basic concepts, standards, and practices of financial accounting

Debt and Equity Capital Markets
Understand global finance system, including the major individual and institutional players, and their roles and responsibilities

Features, characteristics, risks and returns

Equity Valuation and Ratio Analysis
Interpret different financial ratios

Analyze different approaches and methodologies for equity valuation

Practical application and integration of finance and accounting concepts to valuing companies from an investor's perspective

*CPT certificates will be granted to those participants who have:
     1. Watched all of the video content (based on time log in, log out and video clicks in the online portal)
     2. Achieved a score of 70% or above in assessment test

Course Instructor

Ronald Chan    (MBA, MAcc, CFA)

Ronald graduated from University of Waterloo, Canada, having read Mathematics. He went on to qualify as chartered accountant with KPMG Canada, specializing in private equity audits, financial reporting, financial analysis, and corporate finance. After he left KPMG, Ronald spent two years as an equities controller at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong, where he performed financial analysis for different business sectors and prepared valuation reviews for financial instruments. He also spent 4 years in Aviva North America as Manager of Financial/Management Control. His responsibilities included management reporting, financial reporting, financial analysis, budgeting, market research, and advising on M&A and business risk. Previously he was manager of a leading accounting and consultancy firm in Hong Kong. He is responsible for conducting pre-IPO review for IPO sponsors, assessing listing applicants' readiness and compliance to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing rules, as well as advising clients on financial, operational and regulatory issues. 

Ronald received his Master of Accounting from University of Waterloo in 2002, and an MBA (finance specialization) from the Schulich School of Business at York University in 2007. Ronald has been a CFA Charter holder since 2006.

For course details, please download the brochure.
To register, please download the enrollment from.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Melody Poon at 2116-3425 (direct line) or Ms Janet Sin at 2116-3424 (direct line) or email hkfmkt@kaplan.com.


Banking and Finance Series

課程一[初級]: 巴塞爾協定三 [BASEL III] 在香港的實施情況介紹

課程二 [中級]: 巴塞爾協定三[BASEL III] 流動性覆蓋比率(LCR)的計算及影響
in Collaboration with Non-Finance Management for Business Enhancement

This course aims to help accounting professionals and finance executives to learn how to collaborate with non-finance management more effectively for enhancing business and financial result.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Ada Lee at 2116- 3172 (direct line) or email hkfmkt@kaplan.com.

* SFC licensees must undertake a minimum of 5 hours per calendar year for each SFC regulated activity. Corporations are held primarily responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of the requirement. Coverage of subjects relevant to the individuals’ functions and which may help to enhance their functional performance would meet the CPT purpose. The Academic and Accreditation Advisory Committee (AAAC) of the SFC does not endorse any training courses whether provided internally or externally. It is up to the Corporations to decide whether the training meets the CPT purpose and proper records should be kept for inspection upon request.

Management Development Series

Talent Management: Hiring Right

This course aims to help business leaders and HR professionals develop strong recruitment strategy, design recruitment process, apply best practice recruitment and selection techniques, measure and monitor the results of your recruitment efforts.

Having completed this training program, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the importance of hiring
  • Formulate smart Recruitment Strategy
  • Develop effective Recruitment Process
  • Apply the right tools to screen and select candidates
  • Accurately assess candidates' suitability for the role
  • Establish analytics to measure recruitment effectiveness
  • Understand the elements of Hong Kong legistration that are relevant to the recruitment process

For enquiries, please contact Ms Ada Lee at 2116- 3172 (direct line) or email hkfmkt@kaplan.com.
 Short Courses

Short Courses on selected topics are offered from time to time throughout the year.  New courses are added regularly, so please check this page regularly for updates.

Financial Statement for Non-Financial Professionals    Date TBC
Corporate Finance  
Valuation and Investment Analysis
Equity Analysis
Introduction to Capital Budgeting
Corporate Valuation
Kaplan Research and Analysis Program
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Customer Relationship Management  
Introduction to Wealth Management
Understanding Economic Cycles and Performance of Various Asset Classes
Communicate House Views to Clients
Dealing with Significant Market Events
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Introduction to Derivatives
Introduction to Credit Derivatives
Introduction to Equity Derivatives
Equity Swaps
Interest Rate Swaps/Derivatives
Derivatives for Relationship Managers
Hedging, Trading and Pricing Options
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Financial Modeling  
Financial Modeling with Excel
Intermediate Financial Modeling
Valuation Modeling
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Financial Analysis/Financial Reporting  
Introduction to Financial Statements
Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Shenanigans
Using Financial Ratio to Access Financial Strength of Listed Companies
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Fixed Income  
Debt Investment
Introduction to Bonds and Fixed Income
Fixed Income Analysis
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
General Finance  
Valuing Financial Assets – Stock, Bonds and Derivatives
Introduction to the Financial Markets and Banking
Introduction to Financial Maths
Basic knowledge of economics
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Introduction to Insurance
Date TBC
Investment Banking  
Introduction to Capital Markets
Introduction to Equity
Introduction to Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments
Overview of the Investment Banking Business
Forecasting Stock Prices: Cash Flow Models and Price Multiples
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Portfolio Management  
Portfolio Theory and Product Returns
Date TBC
Risk Management  
Mechanics and Applications of Long/Short Hedge Funds
Implementation of Value-at-Risk in Financial Institutions
Date TBC
Date TBC
Regulatory and Compliance  
Overview of Legal and Regulatory Framework for Securities and Futures Industry
Insider Dealing and an Overview of the Securities and Futures Ordinance
Know Your Client and Detection of Money Laundering
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Introduction to FX
Date TBC
Industry Specific Financial Training  
Real Estate
Transportation and Logistics
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC
Date TBC

 In-House Training

Kaplan Financial can provide any of our public courses on an in-house basis or tailor training solutions to meet your precise training objectives. Please check out our Corporate Training page for more information.
 No Future Dates For Your Desired Public Courses?
Your desired topic is not listed above?
Kaplan Financial can schedule courses for small groups at mutually suitable times. Please complete the online enquiry form on the right to enable us to assess the level of interest for that topic. We will then place your name on our waiting list and will contact you as soon as we have received sufficient interest to run the course. A minimum of 6 participants is required to run a course. Scheduled courses may then be open to the public.

Kyle is the Director of Kaplan’s Financial Markets Division. He teaches and develops products for bespoke Financial Markets training programs. He has more than 10 years of working experience in the banking and securities industry. He was in management and sales roles at major global financial institutions like Merrill Lynch, HSBC, RBC Group and Citigroup in Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. He has advised clients on a large range of investment products including equities, fixed income, trust units, pooled funds, derivatives and structured products. At International Planning Group Ltd. he provided estate planning to
private bank clients throughout South East Asia. Before joining Kaplan he was the VP, Complex Hybrid Products at DBS Bank.

Currently Kyle is also a Partner and Risk Manager at Avant Capital Management, which specializes in medium and small cap equities in the Greater China region. The firm aims to become early movers in under-researched and under-owned names.

Kyle was appointed a visiting professor at Ningbo University (PRC) in 2003. Kyle has been teaching master level courses in finance, investment and portfolio management at Royal Roads University in Canada and HKU SPACE. He received his BS degree from the University of Wisconsin and his MS and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University.

Kyle is a certified Financial Risk Manager and has been a CFA Charter holder since 2004. He is also member of the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts and member of the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association.


Thomas has been training and teaching in the financial industry for over 8 years. He is praised for his ability to combine his academic knowledge, finance and accounting experience and time-tested examination techniques to provide students with the knowledge and ability to explore their potential to the fullest in both work and testing environment.

Thomas has spent over ten years in a US-based investment bank and a Big Four accounting firm. His work ranged from auditing and recruiting to syndication, project finance, and acquisition financing in Canada, US, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Thomas has also managed a technology company and overseen an investment trust prior to obtaining his doctorial degree.

Beside teaching CFA, Thomas is also a Kaplan trainer for CAIA, ACCA and HKICPA courses. He is currently a visiting Associate Professor in two universities in China, a finance and accounting lecturer in two local universities in Hong Kong. Thomas also conducts in-house training courses on financial markets, derivatives and structured products for a Swiss-based and a UK/ HK based global investment bank. Thomas is also an External Examiner for the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority.

Thomas received his Doctoral degree from the Hong Kong Polytechic University, an MBA from the University of Chicago, a Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Southern Queensland, and he is completing a Master of Financial Engineering in the National University of Singapore/ UC Berkeley program. Apart from his academic credentials, Thomas received his CFA charter in 1997. He has earned the PRM, FRM, and CAIA designations, a Certificate in Financial Forensics from the AICPA, and Certificates of Financial Engineering from NUS/ UC Berkeley. Thomas is also a Chartered Accountant (CA, Canada), CPA (US) and a CPA Australia member.

Ms. Esther Thng
MSocSci (Applied Econ)

Esther is a CFA charterholder and a member of Singapore Society of Financial Analysts. She graduated with honours and holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from the National University of Singapore. She also holds a Masters of Social Sciences (Applied Economics) from the National University of Singapore and was awarded the Lim Chong Yah gold medal for her excellent academic performance by the same University. She has extensive experience working in the financial sector in the areas of research, investment valuation, financial analysis and forecasting. Esther has been a full-time lecturer with Kaplan Financial since 2000. Esther is well-liked by her students and is known for her ability to translate difficult and complex concepts into easy to understand terms. She also lectures on Kaplan Financial’s corporate finance courses to both local and overseas clients. Her corporate clients include statutory bodies and well-known financial institutions.

“Kaplan has significant technical expertise and the distinct advantage of being able to see issues from a global industry perspective. The trainers deliver presentations in an entertaining and dynamic way that clearly appeals to our students.”
Financial Knowledge Manager, Barclays Bank PLC

Can attending a Kaplan Financial Professional Development course
fulfill my CPT (Continuous Professional Training) requirements?

Although Kaplan Financial cannot warrant that the attendance of this course would automatically be recognized by the Securities & Futures Commission (SFC), it is highly likely that Kaplan Financial courses can fulfill CPT requirements as they maintain and enhance delegates’ technical knowledge and professional expertise.

Please check directly with your employer as the corporate licensee of your SFC registration, who is responsible for determining whether a training course satisfies CPT requirements.

You will be required to keep all documentary evidence supporting your CPT activities for a minimum of 3 years.  We will issue a certificate of attendance to you upon payment of our prescribed fee confirming that you have indeed attended the course and will state the duration of the course.  We will only issue a certificate of attendance if you have signed in AND signed out before you leave the course.

For further details on fulfillment of CPT requirements, please refer to the Guidelines on Continuous Professional Training of the SFC.

For further details on minimum CPT hours required, please see SFC's licensing related FAQ Topic 3.


All information provided above is provided for information purposes only. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, Kaplan Financial does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for its accuracy and any future changes set forth by the SFC. In the event of discrepancy, the official information and decision from the SFC shall prevail.





• 不同基金及買方之操作模式
• 市場的主要參與者
• 如何挑選股票
• 如何有效閱讀研究報告
• 如何取得及解讀企業訊息
• 基金經理的思維
• 如何管理投資風險
• 證券研究部及基金操作方法


• 單元甲:證券分析師如何選取股票及撰寫投資報告
• 單元乙:基金經理如何做投資決定及管理投資組合
• 單元丙:專業交易員的買賣及沽空技巧和如何成立對沖基金

單元 日期 星期 時間
2016年10月 4,11,18,25日 星期二 晚上7:30 至9:30
2016年11月 1,8,15,22日

每個單元8小時 (每課2小時;每單元4課)


由王華 (Fred Sir) 主理學習交流小組,與業內專業人士互動,在課堂外不停吸收投資界行內資訊,

王家其博士 Ph.D. (Cornell University), CFA, FRM
王博士在銀行及證券行業有13年工作經驗。他曾在主要銀行如香港上海滙豐銀行、加拿大皇家銀行及香港的花旗集團擔任不同的管理及銷售工作,在多種投資產品中,給予客戶投資建議,產品包括證券、定息產品、信託、基金、衍生產品、及結構性產品。於任職International Planning Group Limited期間,向東南亞的私人銀行客戶提供資產管理建議。在加入楷博教育之前,王博士曾於星展銀行複合衍生工具部擔任副總裁。現時王博士在對沖基金工作,對行業的思維、趨勢瞭如指掌。

王華先生 CFA
王先生是一個知名科技股對沖基金的創辦人及投資總監。他曾在法國巴黎銀行擔任科技股分析員,負責分析大中華地區的科技硬件公司。在2006 至 2009年期間,王先生獲 Institutional Investors 及 Asia Money 的高級排名,並獲得 2009 湯森路透Starmine 最佳盈利預測獎項。他是《對沖拆解王》及《對沖拆解王2—賞金獵人投資技術》的作者,亦經常在電視、電台財經節目,財經雜誌及報紙財經版出現。王先生畢業於香港大學工業及製造系統工程系。

李鴻榮先生 CFA

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